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I recently subscribed to Google Analytics and I found that has a rather diverse viewership.

Unsurprisingly, Indiana ranks the highest with 84% of total visitors, but I also had visitors from fourteen (edit: fifteen) other states. For whatever reason, Louisiana is the distant second with more than twice the visitors than any other state except for Indiana. Internationally, I've attracted visitors from six countries other than the US. Those nations are: United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic and Hungary. (And now, China.)

I recognize the primary users of networks that deliver the most data, but I'm really curious about the visitor from Associated Grocers who viewed 108 pages in one visit. Amazing.

The most popular browser is IE followed by FireFox. Microsoft also leads in the OS market with Windows XP being the most popular.

I won't bore you with screen resolutions, but a couple of people are using some pretty funky sizes I'm going to assume are for widescreen monitors.

Of our visitors, the vast majority uses a high-speed connection, which is probably good considering the number of pictures I've got.

By the way ... has anyone found the secret link on the front page?
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