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The new TSA Perv-O-Matics and government mandated sexual assaults have been (rightfully) lambasted to death, but isn't it interesting that kids 12 and under are excused? What's the rational behind that? That terrorists would refrain from using children as mules? That a good genital groping by a stranger isn't sexual assault for a 13 year old but is sexual assault for a 12 year old? Or is it just that prepubescent girls don't have enough breasts for the TSA to consider them worth feeling up? But those 13 year olds ...

Cold or not, I would far rather run the relatively minor risks of terrorist attacks on aircraft and eliminate TSA entirely than deal with the police statery that we are currently heaping upon ourselves. No Nude-O-Scopes, no more viewing a history of rape and molestation charges as job experience, no more making excuses for worthless, money-sucking, freedom-destroying, ineffective, self-important mall cops.

But that is just this reporter's opinion.
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