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Perhaps it is a little too soon, but I have already purchased a rifle for Adelle. The gun is a Henry Mini-Bolt in .22LR. I found it to be of much higher quality than other youth rifles when compared side-by-side, and certainly with a better feel to it.

Unfortunately, the first day I took it out shooting (months after I bought it - I was in no hurry since Adelle can't stand up on her own, much less hold a rifle) with Nate and Beth I found that there was a slight burr in the chamber:

I contacted the gun store, but they said they only cover defects found within the first 30 days. They would ship it back to Henry for me, but I'd have to pay the shipping. So instead I contacted Henry directly. Immediately I was told that they would send me a UPS shipping label to return the rifle. So far I'm very impressed with their willingness to stand behind their products and I look forward to getting the rifle back in working order. Watch this space for a full test of the weapon soon!
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