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I couldn't resist posting this.

Well ... I suppose I could have, but it is much more fun to post it.

Destroying the frogs is not easy, however. The Gironde fisheries protection association attacked a pond full of bullfrogs with electricity a few years ago. The frogs fought back. The hunters battled with them for two hours. They killed just one frog before they gave up.

If they were serious about this, they'd fly me and a few of my friends over there, hand us each a suppressed Ruger 10/22 with a pile of magazines and ammunition and send a Frenchman along to show us where the ponds are, load our magazines for us and tell the locals that they don't have to give up to us. I'll solve their problem or have fun trying.

Their best go so far killed 120 frogs in 11 months. I'd wager we could do 120 apiece in a good day.
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