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I can't verify the authenticity of this blog, but ...
Check it out
They've got some pictures up. Very, very scary situation. They're reporting from a data center in New Orleans run by They've been referenced on CNN recently, apparently. CNN is reporting complete anarchy. Bodies are being left where they lie - at best being covered with trash and debris. FoxNews is calling it "Armageddon" or the nearest equivalent.

This is the classic SHTF situation. Natural disaster in an urban setting. People run amok and acting like animals, police can't control the situation. What do you do? What can you do?

Some of the pictures and reports are absolutely chilling. It's the kind of atmosphere that makes me itch for more ammo. Lots and lots more ammo. And something crew served.

The more first-hand reports I'm seeing, the scarier the situation is. This isn't a "what if" type TEOTWAWKI scenario, this is real. This is in the US. There is complete lawlessness in the New Orleans area. There are armed camps of people fighting for limited resources. People are looting and killing ... and the police are either uncoordinated and unhelpful or participating in the lawlessness.

The story of this disaster is never going to be fully told, but as more comes out, I urge you all to listen and learn.

I'm hearing reports of active-duty military moving in to replace National Guard troops and that Congress may convene to retroactively approve the decision. Many, many reports of murders, rapes, robberies and a whole range of crimes being absolutely rampant. Rescuers are being shot at - I'd hate to imagine what's happening to the Good Guys who are trapped there. The guys are asking for .45ACP ammo. I wish I could ship them a case or two. The live feed doesn't show much but it is amazing to see. Check out

Let me tell you, if these guys are for real, they're going to do some serious business when this is over. And I bet they're going to be better prepared if it happens again. (More water, more food, more ammo, more fuel.)
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