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In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the disaster that befell Lake New Orleans one of the loudest cries I'm hearing is the cry of racism on the part of the Federal government, specifically President Bush.

Cut it out, folks. Seriously. The more you scream "RACIST!" at every shadow the more ignorant you seem.

Bush may be a racist (I doubt it, considering the number of very talented blacks on his staff) but the fact that he didn't illegally seize control of the state of Louisiana for the federal government and preempt the authority of Ms. Blanco and Mr. Nagin doesn't make him racist. The fact that Ms. Blanco denied initial offers of aid (from other states as well as the federal government) doesn't make Bush racist.

Bleating "racist" every time something bad happens to a non-albino lends no credence to your cause. Worse, it makes people leery of valid claims of discrimination because of all the crying wolf that manipulative, race-baiting, theiving parasites (that means you, Rev. Jesse Jackson) do to grab some more camera time for themselves.

Moreover, I return the accusation of racism to those making it. It's not just dark skinned folks who aren't getting the assistance they need. People of all colors are suffering and having trouble surviving. If all you're concerned with are people with the same skin color as you, doesn't that make you just as racist as you claim everyone else is?

Hypocritical deadbeats.

I've got an idea. How about all of you professional leeches that whore yourselves in front of every camera you can find give it a break and instead do something to actually help someone else. Or would fewer people in dire need endanger your comfortable position? Would less suffering mean less money?

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