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As you can see, I've gotten the server running again. We may have a few periods of brief downtime as the server isn't running at 100% yet, but at least everything appears to have been properly restored.

For those of you who missed my earlier status report, I've attached it here:
Sorry for the outage, folks.

Here's the deal. On or about Wednesday, Nov 16 my server experienced a simultaneous failure of two drives in my server's 5 drive RAID 5 array. A RAID 5 array is designed to be able to lose one drive, but losing two drives should have destroyed the entire array. Using alchemy and sorcery, I was able to recover all the necessary data from the broken array by Monday, Nov 21st before it failed entirely.

So far I've reinstalled SBE and have gotten the server running again today. I'll reinstall PHP and MySQL later today and might even have the server back up before I leave to go to Virginia.

Honestly, this isn't really a terrible thing - no data was lost and recovery will take place within about a week. I'm reconfiguring the Exchange server and should have email again. As well, I've stepped my RAID array down to 4 drives with a hot spare which means if there is another drive failure, the array will bring the hot spare online instead of running on redundancy. From there it can take another drive failure before going critical.
I'll try to keep you guys posted by updating this page as time permits. For most of you, the first thing you'll notice is that everything is working perfectly ... I hope.
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