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I'm posting some of my favorite links on the front page now.

The LawDog Files

The LawDog Files is the blog of LawDog, a smalltown Texas deputy who spent at least part of his very interesting childhood in Africa and currently is a moderator at both TheHighRoad and TheFiringLine. A way with words, obvious intelligence, modesty, an ongoing and rational support for freedom and an interesting job make for absolutely fantastic reading. If you only check out one of these, go check this one out.

View From the Porch

The View From the Porch is the blog of Tamara, also a moderator at both THR and TFL. A smart, funny, freedom-oriented lady in Knoxville, currently holding her dream job at a gun shop.

Smallest Minority

I don't know much about Kevin Baker except that Michael referred me to his blog and I've enjoyed reading it. Lots of gun stuff here.

Munchkin Wrangler

Lastly, Marko Kloos' Munchkin Wrangler. Marko is the staff lead at TFL and moderates THR as well. Marko lives in Knoxville as well, I believe, but was born and raised in Germany where he served in the military. Great freedom-minded individual here as well.
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