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Like father ... like son

What is it with Kennedys and intoxicated driving and coverups? Anyone want to wager what would happen if I was out driving at 2:45am, swerved around with my lights off, nearly hit a cop car and crashed into a security barrier, then got out and started staggering around claiming I had to be somewhere? Hmm? Think I might be given a field sobriety test, at the very least? More likely, I'd just get tossed in the police cruiser I nearly smashed into and taken for booking.

But what happens to the elite spawn of the elite? Some head-honchos at police HQ tell the responding officers to NOT perform field sobriety tests and to let him go.


Oh, and Kennedy admits to driving while intoxicated on prescription pills.

My prediction is that this Kennedy will get away just as scott-free as his dad did. At least there was no murder involved in this case.
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