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We're working on the cable runs now. Or rather, we will be in a bit. Jason's got to crimp some more cables to get the G section up and running. Then we've got to finish some of the runs that hit the perimeter offices (i.e., mine - I'm on a caller workstation right now).

This place actually looks like an office.

So far, things have gone reasonably well, if a bit slowly. First there were delays in moving stuff out of the old office. Then we had some hangups with getting our circuits transferred. Now that everything is transferred over, the servers are behaving pretty normally. seems to be a little slower than usual, but I don't really feel like checking on it. I'm just happy it's running.

The server room is coming together very nicely. Jason (web site is down as of now, but he deserves the plug) has done an excellent job in getting things up to a good standard. The wiring is top-notch and the server room is far better organized than before. Of course, it is also much larger now.

Okay, I'm going to go find something else to work on. I'm going to be worthless tomorrow.
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